Easypaisa latest installation highlights speedy money transfer via easypaisa on the roads of Islamabad

Easypaisa has recently leveled up its marketing game with executing Pakistan’s first ever anamorphic deployment in Islamabad. The eye-catching advertisement on roads for any of the brands is usually encouraged by Pakistanis; however, this time easypaisa has made everyone stunned with its unique installation of the display.

Being the pioneers in FinTech, easypaisa has always been on a mission to revolutionize the financial landscape of Pakistan; however, now they are front runners in revolutionizing the branding touchpoints as well.

Easypaisa’s new display catches the attention of the people passing by in their cars immediately on the Islamabad Expressway and makes them stop to see what it is. The unique thing about the display is the integration of 3D elements with the real surface making the whole installation so immersive that you just can’t stop yourself to stare or focus on the brilliance of its execution. The projection highlighted easypaisa’s money transfer features and the modes of money transfer which includes CNIC, P2P, WhatsApp etc. in such a smart way.

Commenting on the effective marketing campaign, Omar Moeen Malik, Head of easypaisa, said, “In this hot pursuit of technological advancements, it is crucial to stay at the top of the game. As an integral cog in the evolution of Pakistan’s digital landscape, easypaisa will continue to cater to its growing audience effectively.”

He added, “In this aspect, we are making every effort to connect better with our customers through such effective marketing campaigns. This unique campaign is a personification of how we perceive digital Pakistan to be, and we are excited to see the response it generates.”

The strategy of the brand has been a successful one in terms of positing the display that has supported the display’s message well. It is stated to be a smart placement as the installation highlights speedy money transfer via easypaisa and it has been installed on the very road where vehicles are moving at super speed.

Easypaisa has proved that it is easy in terms of providing services to customers but not so easy when it comes to giving tough competition to its rivals. Pakistanis are impressed with the latest easypaisa’s display; however, many shared a common view that,

“Other Brands should now take notes on how to grab attention in a clutter of content and fast-paced life as Easypaisa has done a great job in catching attention towards itself.”

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