In 1996, the Building of Holy Kaaba was Damaged, At that Time a White Platform was Raised to Shield Constriction of Kaaba from Outside

In 1996, the Holy Kaaba, a structure that stands 50 feet tall and is 35 feet wide, started showing signs of wear and tear. This resulted in visible cracks in its walls and a weakened foundation. Realizing the importance of preserving this sacred building, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia took the initiative to begin the restoration process.

The restoration work was carried out with great care and entrusted to experts who focused on fixing the cracks in the Kaaba’s walls while making sure not to alter its original structure.

To ensure the safety of the Kaaba and its contents during the restoration, a white platform was constructed around it. This platform had a dual purpose: it protected the Kaaba and made it easier to bring in equipment and materials needed for the restoration.

This significant event in the history of Muslims guaranteed the ongoing safety and security of the Kaaba, a place of pilgrimage for millions of Muslims from all over the world.

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