In Japan, Hotels Provide Quran, Prayer Rug, Compass and Mosque Map for Muslim Guests

Japan is known for being very welcoming to Muslim travelers. When these travelers go to Japanese hotels, they often find special packages in their rooms. These packages have things like the Quran, a prayer rug, a compass to know the direction of Mecca, and maps to nearby mosques.

These thoughtful gestures show that Japan wants to make sure all its guests, no matter their religion, feel comfortable and respected. Japan is showing that it values different beliefs and wants to be friendly to people from all over the world.

These small acts of kindness not only make Muslim travelers feel good but also show that Japan is becoming more open to different religions.

Japan’s warm welcome to Muslim travelers proves that being nice to people from different backgrounds can bring us closer together, no matter where we come from or what we believe in.

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