Jazz sets the Precedent to Support Energy Conservation in Pakistan

In light of the ongoing economic and energy crisis in Pakistan, conscientious corporate companies are rising to the occasion by implementing a green flex policy. In a bid to support the government’s energy conservation agenda, Jazz has introduced a hybrid working model that comprises mandatory work-from-home (WFH) days.

Various companies working in the development, NGO, telecom, and production sectors are mulling energy conservation strategies, allowing WFH days to employees every week and introducing flexible working hours to boost productivity while improving work-life balance.

The benefits associated with flexible working hours or even WFH extend far beyond the employees’ work-life balance by contributing to annual net carbon savings. In times of economic uncertainty brought on by import bans on fuel and depleting foreign exchange resources, it is counterintuitive to continue on the conventional 9-5, 5-day work week when a hybrid system is available and being readily adopted by leading organizations to make the working environment more sustainable.

Keeping this in mind, Jazz is taking a lead once again in setting a new precedent by announcing its flex work policy. The leading Digital Operator has always stood up in times of crisis like COVID-19 and the torrential floods by offering holistic solutions.

“Under the flex work policy, effective from February 1, 2023, Jazz employees will have a mandatory WFH day on Fridays, and employees can select one additional day between Monday and Thursday as a WFH day, after alignment with their line managers,” read an internal memo shared with Jazz employees.

Additionally, the memo stated that the flexible working window during the on-site days is from 7 AM to 6 PM. This will maximize the use of daylight hours and cut down the need for keeping the lights on at night.

By adapting dynamic work models, responsible corporate entities are playing their part to limit fuel and electricity consumption, thus contributing to the country’s prosperity while being mindful of its unique challenges.

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