Pakistan IT Ministry was Not Taken into Confidence Over Recent Internet Blockades, IT Minister

The Internet service blockage Issue takes a switch: Aminul Haque, the IT Minister, has issued a statement clarifying that he and his department were not taken into consideration regarding this detained internet service.

He further stated that after the former prime minister, Imran Khan, was detained by a mass of paramilitary rangers, the interior ministry, with their approval, restricted internet services all over the nation. He was not taken into confidence at all and is thus not answerable to any questions regarding this matter.

PTA is working as a whole separate department, and the IT ministry has nothing to do with it.

Note that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were blocked for an unmentioned period of time, along with the fact that in some areas, mobile phone services were also disabled in order to disconnect people who were involved in protests and some illegal activities.

This step was an individual decision by the government of Pakistan by itself, with no involvement from the IT Ministry.

The IT minister suggested that the Pakistani government should have taken some alternative steps to manage this circumstance, as blocking internet services was not a good option. People have faced major financial losses due to this unrest.

However, a day earlier, the internet services and social media pages were restored, but their suspension for 7 days cost a revenue loss of Rs. 820 million for the IT industry and telco operators.

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